Innovation Challenge at CBOF

Posted by on December 8, 2019


Kraft Foods’ Supplier Diversity team launched the Innovation Challenge at CBOF (Chicago Business Opportunity Fair) in April and invites all certified minority and women-owned businesses to participate. This was an industry-first launch to create unique opportunities specifically for MWBEs to showcase their creative ideas and expertise in front of Kraft Foods’ key stakeholders and procurement decision-makers. Kraft Foods believes that the minority and women-owned businesses can provide market-driven innovations which will delight and meet the needs of our increasingly diverse consumer base. This recently-launched Innovation Challenge is a testimony of Kraft Foods’ commitment to make our supplier base as diverse as the products we offer and the consumers we serve. The categories in this Innovation Challenge are aligned to our Corporate strategic objectives of sustainability and health & wellness initiatives where we look for ideas on reaching and retaining our growing consumer markets, recommendations that help meet our sustainability objectives, and solutions to achieve productivity.

For more information, please visit the Innovation Challenge section on our Supplier Diversity Website or submit your questions to [email protected]